Here are the basic specifications – listening will of
course reveal the true quality of the Etude 5.

Basic Specifications


approximately 85 dB/W

Frequency response: (see plots):

20 Hz (in room – size and positioning dependent) – to 20 kHz (measurement limit – the tweeter maintains output to 40 kHz with no breakup)

Impedance: (see plots);

minimum 3 Ω at 24 Hz, 4 Ω at 100 Hz 21 Ω at 1 kHz, 9 Ω at 20 kHz, Average 10 Ω.  4 ohm tap on valve amplifiers recommended in first instance.

Dimensions (excluding plinth):

1090 mm (h) x 490 mm (d) x 183 mm (b)

Overall plinth dimensions ((including Etude spikes and spike shoes)

35 mm (h – cabinet platform to floor) x 390 mm (b) x 550 mm (d)

Mass per loudspeaker

(packaged) (kg): 46


£13000 / pair (introductory price for first four production pairs)

Etude 5 frequency response plots; Top, chirp frequency response at 0.8 m; bottom, in-room frequency response of stereo pair; at 2.4 m in a 55 m3 room (x), at 3.2 m in a 137 m3 room (+), the average of the two room responses (). Audiomatica Clio Pocket hardware and software was used to generate the data which was imported to MS Excel for plotting.

Etude 5 Impedance and Phase plots:

Impedance (top), phase (bottom). The Etude 5 is not a particularly reactive load, though lowish
impedance in the bass may not favour certain valve (tube) amplifiers.


Etude 5 gains top HiFi Pig Reviewer Award